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  • Opening Hours : 10:00am - 07:00pm
  • Give your heartfelt functions a charm!

    Who doesn’t want to spend a good time with a good catering? Decorate the liveliness of your
    functions with our renowned expertise.
  • Effective presentation makes your purpose happier!

    A well presented food makes your dish a more pleasurable one. Give us a call and count
    on our dexterous hands.
  • Enjoy the breeze of refreshing beverages!

    Discover your favorite old flavors in a new avatar! Beverages are meant to fill an aromatic breeze
    into your darling purposes.
  • Enjoy the blend of cheese, fruits and chocolates!

    An exotic combination of juicy fruits dipped in chocolates followed by a
    cheese topping. We are creators of the same.
  • Indian Chaat Cuisine is the real way to taste!

    We introduce you to the deliciously famous chaats by the chefs of Agra. Agra
    Specialty is waiting for your arrival.
  • Chinese exotic starters with crispy exotic vegetables

    Entangle yourself into the tangling taste of Chinese cuisine. Rely on a cuisine that
    follows the interests of your guests.
  • Healthy environ is a true bliss of fruit counter!

    Fresh fruits are forever a healthy idea for your special occasions. List any seasonal food for
    your special occasions.
  • Flavors of entincing mocktails!

    Mocktails narrate the mood and trend of every party. Enjoy the real flavors and bliss
    with an expertise handed mocktails.

Admire our Dishes

Know Our Dexterity!

Seven Skyes is a well recognized catering brand with acute excellence in the food culture. All varieties of cuisines are served along with the taste of their specialized city/origin. We have highly skilled human resources and chefs who are the taste enhancing ingredients of our catering services. Moreover, owner of the company, Mr. Atul Patolia, is an active member of Federation of All India Caterers. Food preparation and authenticity of served food is taken care by him personally.

Promoter of the company, Mr. Kunal Patolia has a remarkable expertise in food presentations and styling. Delivering effective catering services is in the soul of Seven Skyes Cateres. Although every business want to make money, but we value your happy memories more than our money.

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A quick tour to our history

In 1995, we started our ebullient journey from Pink City Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Our Services

We Create Delicous Memory


Seven Skyes brings you the seven starred wedding services. Your remembrance is no less than an emerald for us. Wow your wedding menu with Seven Skyes .
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Social Gatherings

Social Parties have always been a great source of happiness and enjoyment. Grace your guests with an exemplary aroma at their taste buds.
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Corporate Events

Every successful business agenda deals with a good environ as well as with a good taste. Host successful and happy meetings with a gracious catering service.
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Birthdays & Kitty Parties

Women and kids have always been utterly inclined towards tasty voluptuous food. Boost your rollicking frolicking parties with our healthy and tasty food.
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Event Catering

Adore purpose of your heartfelt event by Seven Skyes Caterers. Be it in your city or anywhere across India, the distance doesn’t matter us, but your values do.
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Festival Catering

We would be really happy to deliver our creative services in festive seasons also. After all, India is all about celebrating the happiness together.
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From Dusk to Dawn

  • Pleasing Starters ................................... Delicacy
  • Honey chilli potato, Paneer Tikkas...etc
  • Blithesome Desserts ................................... Honeyed
  • Waffles, Cheese Cakes, Patries...etc

Our Special Cuisines

Grace Your Purpose with Delight

Opening Hours
  • Seven Skyes Caterers bow its carpets down to your heartfelt functions. We give you the delicious memories with utter satisfaction. Count on our decorum of food management
  • Monday — Saturday
    9:00 am - 07:00 pm
  • Sunday : Closed
  • For Bookings contact :
  • +91-9024972800
Continental Food

Continental Palates

Experience the same hygienic delicacy offered in European Countries. Our presentable continental cuisines have the elegance of perfect mood and odor. We are standing with a promise to fill fragrances into your enchanting purpose.
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Punjabi Food

Punjabi Delights

From a place where people love to eat, we bring you the distinct and classic tadkas from our Punjabi kitchen. From utterly delicious Punjabi cuisines to the fragrances of desi ghee, these serves are most alluring to energize your atmosphere.
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Our Delicious

Our Signature Dishes


Kesar Almond Smoothie


Patila Wala Matar Kulcha


Cheese Burst Aloo Roastie


Garden Surprise Veg Rolls


Pista Khurchan


Cookies Cheese Cakes


Paneer Kesari Sufiyana


Makka Roti Sarso Saag Shots


Dal Makhani Shots


Kanji Vada Shots


Prem Prakash Samosa

Discover Our Expertise

Latest Food Trends

Homemade Confectionaries

The best part of our homemade confectionaries is that they can be enjoyed all year round. Creatively prepared chocolates and the beautifully iced cakes are no less than an enticing delight!

Continental Food

Enjoy the real delight of European Countries. Seven Skyes brings you the most healthy and hygienic cuisine under the expertise of our bestowed chefs. We promise you an idyllic catering.

Arabian Food

Experience a comestible delight on the rich aromas of kababs and bukharis. Nutritious rice and vegetables pickled with the finest spices make Arabian Cuisine a treat for every taste culture.